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When we are working in an office we do not generally think about dangers and risks to our health and wellbeing. We need to be aware of the different type of dangers in our offices and similar work areas as there are many areas where danger lurks.

Every year thousands of workers and people need to take some sort of time off work every year. Which costs the UK economy millions of pounds every year due to either ill health or injuries caused from work. There is legislation for all sorts of subject matters that are in place to try and reduce the overall number of injuries, illness or worse, death caused at work, which we will cover later in this course.  

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This course is based around people who work in office environments. You may be put in some dangerous situations and this coures can give you guidance on what to do.

This course will look and cover all aspects of Office safety, looking at all legislation that is place that surrounds Office Safety. It will look at subjects like Manual Handling, DSE, Basic Fire Safety, Basic First Aid to name a few.

As this covers a lot of ground in terms of office safety business can utilise this online training course at any convenient time for users, whether that be in work or away from your desk. Offering quick and effective online training in office safety. Have up to the minute record keeping of all staff with one
click of the button.

Course content:


This course covers:

Aggression and Violence.

Bullying in the workplace

Display Screen Equipment.

Safety Signage – Know What It Means


.......................... and much more.

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