Health & Safety Risk Assessments

Fotolia 31711747 XS 2Risk assessment is the cornerstone of UK Health and Safety. It’s a legal requirement; an absolute duty which you cannot avoid. Risk assessment is a proactive activity that helps organisations avoid harming people and incurring losses in the workplace, whether financial or otherwise.

We will assist or prepare on your behalf the risk assessments needed to ensure compliance. We will advise you on the tasks and work equipment that requires assessing.

We use a pro-forma risk assessment document which is easy to complete and can be understand by your employees, and in the case of contractors, by your clients or the Principle Contractor.

We’ll undertake the assessments on your premises alongside your nominated employees so they can understand the process and enable them to undertake risk assessments in the future.

We’re here to help so we often review clients risk assessments for their peace of mind to ensure they’re compliant and haven’t omitted any obvious significant hazards.

Measuring Risk

In our experience matrix systems for measuring risk are unnecessarily complicated and confusing to both employees and those undertaking risk assessment so we record the level of risk as either Low Medium and High which is more than suitable, even those involved in high risk operations such as working at height.

We will advise you on the tasks, processes, locations and the work equipment that requires assessing. Our philosophy is manage the risk not the paperwork !!!

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