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Most office based organisations provide working environments which are generally safe places to work and viewed as low risk. The proliferation of PC users has led to increases in the problems associated with their use. Poorly laid out workstations and a lack of information and training has led to more employees working in the office environment suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Self assessment by employees may be quick and easy an option but it’s difficult to see how they can comment on their own keyboard technique and posture.

We will complete workstation assessments on your behalf, providing advice to employees as we undertake the assessment on the correct set up of their workstation. We usually resolve with any specific problems or issues they may have during the assessment. Assessments are recorded for each user detailing all our findings and any necessary actions required to achieve compliance.

In addition we will train your nominated staff on how to undertake future assessments for both existing and new employees. The workstation assessments are easy to complete and they follow the requirements of the regulations.

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We can undertake a full review of office based organisations Health and Safety compliance. This typically includes an inspection of your workplace, provision of a bespoke Health and Safety policy and staff induction, workstations assessments, assessments relevant to the business and advice in how to comply with your duties under the Control of Asbestos Regulations and the Electricity at Work Regulations including portable appliance testing.

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