Improvement and Prohibition Notices

If an Inspector from the Enforcing Authorities such as the HSE or EHO have issued you with either an Improvement Notice or a Prohibition Notice then it’s time to take immediate action to avoid any escalation and possible prosecution.

We’re here to assist you and not to judge you!

We will inform the Enforcing Authorities that you have acquired our services and will liaise and advise the Inspector of actions taken, or planned, to satisfy the requirements of the issued Notice. Our early appointment will also assist in establishing to the Inspector that you are serious about resolving the issues.

Inspectors issue notices to companies and individuals for breaches of health and safety law. The notice may involve one or more instances when the company or individual has failed to comply with health and safety law - a "Breach". Non compliance with these Notices can result in prosecution with serious financial penanlties so they need to be dealt with accordingly.

Improvement Notice

In simple terms Improvement Notices are issued when an inspector is of the opinion that a person is not complying with Health and Safety legislation. Improvement Notices are used to ensure that statutory standards for health, safety and welfare are complied with and will specify the time period for compliance.

Prohibition Notice

A Prohibition Notice is used to prevent further use of equipment, premises, processes or activities either permanently (due to the nature of the risks) or on a temporary basis, pending suitable safety improvements being made. The Notice will be served by an Inspector where they consider there to be serious risk of injury or harm should the conditions continue.

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