Audits and Workplace Inspections


Health and Safety Audits

If you have postponed dealing with Health and Safety for some time we will undertake an audit to establish the good, the bad and the ugly elements of your Health and Safety compliance. Most organisations operate in a relatively safe manner but are exposed because they don’t have the basics in place or what they do have has been “borrowed or acquired” over time from various sources and is usually out of date and unsuitable for their needs.

We regularly work with new clients who have deferred resolving Health and Safety for several years, but we’re here to help you and not judge you.

For new clients we’ll undertake a combined Health and Safety audit and workplace inspection. In a clear and concise report we will highlight what’s right and what is wrong and needs resolving. Issues will be prioritised so you know when and what resources are required. We will provide you with the solutions to ensure you operate in compliance with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and regulations relevant to your business.

We’ll review and revise your existing, or produce a new Health and Safety Policy for your organisation. This will include all the supporting documentation necessary to complete this process.

Workplace Inspections

We undertake workplace inspections for contractors on site and for fixed site locations. The subsequent inspection report will give recommendations to eliminate and/or control the hazards present in your workplace.

In a clear and concise report we will highlight significant hazards (often using photographic evidence) and what is required to eliminate or adequately control them.


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